Welcome to the 50-Day Challenge!

Ready to transform your strength and stamina in just 50 days? Our challenge features 6 intense physical tests and a cardio workout to push your limits. With two Sunday workouts and weekly challenges, you’ll stay motivated while enjoying group accountability. Plus, the biggest improvements win fantastic prizes. Are you up for the challenge?

Start Date:  September 30th

End Date:  November 18th

Cost:  $100

The Challenge

Weight and body fat % taken before and after the challenge. The challenge will also include 6 physical tests and one cardio workout.

6 Physical Tests Include:

  • Vertical Leap
  • Push-ups/Bench Press
  • KB Squat
  • Bar Hang
  • Medicine Ball throw
  • Sit-ups
  • Cardio Workout For Time


+Two Sunday Workouts

+Weekly Challenges

+Group Accountability

+Prizes for the biggest improvement

Test Day: Saturday September 30th

Final Day to register for the challenge is Thursday September 28th

Join the challenge today!

Sign up in the gym or send us a message on the website contact form.