Gym Reviews & Testimonials

“Relative Strength has built me to be in better shape at age 30 than I was at 18. The gym has been a great resource, and the motivation from the trainer’s classes, challenges, and surrounding myself with fitness-minded individuals has had an immensely positive impact on my strength and well-being. I love the community, the accountability, and I’m encouraged to put in the hard work.” – Jeff

“Relative Strength is awesome! I have been a member for over 5 years and I absolutely love this gym and the owners/trainers, JR and Zak. They are very knowledgeable and respectful, and they really care about all of their clients. They create new and challenging workouts EVERY TIME you go in….. I absolutely recommend this gym to anyone trying to get/stay fit and who are tired of traditional gyms. It’s a very supportive and friendly environment, my home away from home!”


“I have worked out at Relative Strength since they opened and with one of the owners for many years at his previous gym. JR and Zak have created an incredible sense of community at Relative Strength – one where people work hard in the gym, and play hard outside of the gym. They have challenged me beyond what I ever thought I could do in. They have worked with me through several injuries, challenging me to work out safely and at appropriate levels for my particular injury. They are concerned about my health, but yet understand that living a healthy life is living your best life – one where you have to do the things you love while being healthy. I would recommend anyone that is serious about getting healthy and is at any level of fitness to check out Relative Strength.”